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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Switching Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is one of the costliest parts of vehicle ownership, and for most people, it’s a big budget item. While it makes sense to shop around for the best deal, no one can really afford to make mistakes that have negative effects on their finances. Here, drivers will find out which mistakes to avoid when switching auto insurance okc.

Not Informing the Current Agent

The conversation may feel awkward, but it’s an important one to have. Drivers should contact their current auto insurance agency before switching to a different company. Agents are professionals. They’ll handle the situation in a businesslike manner and may be able to offer benefits that aren’t available to new customers of other companies. Furthermore, an agent will review the lower quote to ensure the two policies are comparable.

Not Having a New Policy in Place Before Dropping the Old One

If the new policy isn’t active before the old one ends, there may be a costly gap in coverage. Additionally, allowing a policy to lapse may indicate risky behavior to other insurers, which may translate to a higher rate down the road. If the original company sends a renewal notice and a customer ignores it, the policy won’t be canceled right away. Paying double premiums may be expensive, but it’s important to have coverage in place at all times.

Not Requesting a Refund for Unused Coverage

If a person pays for an auto insurance policy upfront, they may be eligible for a refund for the coverage they won’t be using. For instance, if a driver pays for six months of coverage but switches after three months, they can get a refund for three months of coverage. Some insurers make it difficult to get refunds, and follow-up is important.

Not Telling the Leasing or Finance Company

It’s crucial to notify the auto lender or finance company of the change in providers. Part of the driver’s responsibility is to ask the new insurer to send insurance proof to them as well as the leasing company or lender.

If a driver decides on new auto or mobile home insurance oklahoma, the agency will eliminate all the hassles of switching by handling everything from carrier notification to ID card issuance. Call today for a free quote or visit the website for details.


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